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Virtual Office and Mail Service

We make setting up your head office in Germany easy!

Would you like your head office to be in Munich, Germany? We'll take care of the details!

Set up your head office in Munich with tax benefits, a full range of services, postal facilities, accounting services, and consulting services for legal and tax issues. We and our corporate partners have good knowledge of the requirements and obligations necessary to set up your head office in Germany. With our help, setting up your company in Germany is hassle free. You can trust us - the specialists for location services in Germany.



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Overview of the Benefits

Take advantage of our services portfolio and benefit from our full range of services.



Lower Tax Rate

Business tax is a matter for the local municipality and the district of Gräfelfing in Munich has one of the lowest tax rates in the state of Bavaria and in Germany. In fact, it is almost 50% lower than that of the tax rate in Munich itself. Take advantage of the low tax rate, thereby increasing your company's profitability.


Clear Pricing Structure

We offer fixed monthly fees with no hidden charges. Avoid money traps when setting up your company in Germany.


Real Office Space on Location

More than just a mailbox: Should you require it, you can make use of a fully equipped office with conference rooms at your business address. We even offer customer parking.


Corporate Network

Our network of corporate partners will support you when setting up your company, including registering your company and providing ongoing legal and tax support with a digital approach.

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Our Services Portfolio Works for You

Our full range of services for company founders and entrepreneurs will strengthen your business in Germany. Make use of our entire portfolio of services from CHP Services and our corporate partners to set up your company in Germany or to establish your existing company in the German market with just a few steps.


Setting Up and Registering Your Company in Germany

Together with our corporate partners, we will take all of the necessary steps to set up and establishing your company in Germany.

Head Office and Virtual Office

Your tax optimised head office will be in the outskirts of Munich. A postal service and physical office space is also available, should you require it.

Accounting and Office Services

We will support you in the admin tasks for your company in Germany and handle your ongoing accounting and payroll.

Setting Up and Registering Your Company in Germany

Setting Up a Company

We make setting up a company in Germany easy. There are no hidden charges and no tax obstacles.

Initial Consultancy

Consultancy with Favourable Terms

Would you like to risk going into self-employment alone or would you like your company to be represented in Germany for the first time? Book a consultation with our corporate partner Campbell Hörmann PartG in Munich. As a tax and legal consultancy firm, they offer personalised guidance with favourable terms at a fixed rate. Contact them directly and we will arrange the rest.

€190.00 plus 19% VAT

One hour consultation at the office in Munich or by phone. We will discuss:

  • Your business idea and requirements for approval to set up your business in Germany
  • Legal structure of your business
  • Tax impact according to German tax law
  • Procedures and formalities in setting up your business
  • Set-up costs

Setting Up and Registering Your Company

Limited Liability Company or Entrepreneurial Company with Limited Liability at a Fixed Rate

Our corporate partner Campbell Hörmann will set up a corporation for you as a limited liability company or an entrepreneurial company with limited liability at a fixed rate and will take all necessary steps. This is not an off-the-shelf product; it is instead a corporation with a structure that is tailored to you based on your individual consultation. For customers of CHP Services GmbH, you will pay a special price of:

€790.00 plus 19% VAT

This fixed price includes:

  • Setting up and coordinating the statutes of a limited liability company or an entrepreneurial company with limited liability
  • Organising and preparing all documentation
  • Coordinating a notary appointment in Munich*
  • Monitoring of entry into the commercial register*

*Notary costs will be charged separately by the Notary Office. Costs for entry into the commercial register will be invoiced by the responsible Registry Court.

Registration of your Company

Registration and Tax Assessment

After your corporation is set up, our corporate partner Campbell Hörmann will carry out a complete company registration with the relevant authorities and institutions in Germany, as well as the initial registration for tax. The goal here is to ensure that you are set up to conduct your business in Germany as quickly as possible. The initial company registration and the registration for tax will be done for you at a fixed rate.

790.00 plus 19% VAT

The following services are included in this fixed rate from Campbell Hörmann:

  • Registering for tax with the local tax office
  • Applying for a tax number and VAT number
  • Creating an opening balance sheet to submit to the tax office
  • Registering with the employer's liability insurance association
  • Applying for a company number
  • Coordinating membership with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Campbell Hörmann will also gladly provide you with ongoing tax and legal support. Contact us and we will coordinate all services between Campbell Hörmann and yourself.


The outlined services will be provided by Campbell Hörmann directly. Tax and legal consulting will be commissioned by Campbell Hörmann also.

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Head Office and Virtual Office

Your Office

Your business address with tax benefits on the outskirts of Munich.

Lower your tax through your head office

Your Head Office: Tax Optimised

Almost all companies are obligated to pay business tax. These taxes flow exclusively into municipalities, communities and cities. The respective municipality is responsible for your company being listed and registered for business tax.

A business address in Gräfelfing, Munich, offers you a fantastic tax environment with a lower business tax rate than elsewhere in the state of Bavaria. You can benefit from business tax which is around 50% lower in comparison to having your head office in Munich itself.


€100,000 in profit from revenue

3.5% of €100,000 =  €3,500 in trade tax rate

€3,500 x 4.9 (490% average rate of assessment in Munich) =  €17,150 payable in business tax in Munich

€3,500 x 2.5 (250% average rate of assessment in Gräfelfing) = €8,750 payable in business tax in Gräfelfing

This is a saving of €8,400

Great Office Space

Prestigious Office Space

The office premises are situated in a prestigous location in Gräfelfing, south west of Munich.

Once this has been coordinated, a separate office wing with a fully equipped conference room, including presentation capabilities via flat screen TV, projection screen, etc will be available to you. A kitchenette, a separate bathroom, and a large customer parking lot belong to the premises as well.

The rooms in the office building can also be flexibly remodeled. For example, it is possible to design an individual showroom which is tailored to your company. The premises are not only suitable for meetings etc but also for client appointments and product presentations.

The premises are approximately 40 minutes from Munich Airport by car via the highway. The central train station and downtown Munich are approximately 25 minutes away by car. The premises can also be reached by public transport.

Bavarian Statue representing Munich

Munich Economic Area

Munich’s economic strength is built on multiple pillars; varied and versatile economic structures, a wide range of growth opportunities, and a successful distribution of global players, industries, medium-sized companies and growing start-ups. Munich and its surrounding area offers and economically attractive business environment which is often searched for by other companies.

The city is captivating with its high quality of life and its attractive location, with mountains and lakes in Upper Bavaria. It is perfectly situated geographically in the centre of Europe; Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Poland, Hungary, etc are all a short distance away. The Bavarian capital of Munich also has fantastic infrastructural connections, which are supplemented by the Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport, the central train station, and the exhibition centre.


Munich Cityscape

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Office and Accounting Services

We will take over your mail and do your accounts

Processing your mail, scanning, and ongoing accounting is available as a full service option.

Your mail will be forwarded directly

Forwarding of Mail

After you have registered your head office with us in Gräfelfing, your company’s postal address will be: Bahnhofstraße 3a, 82166, Gräfelfing. You will get the relevant name tag and company name tag as well as a mailbox. The mailbox will be emptied once daily for you on working days.

After registering your service package, your mail will be collected for you at least once per week and will be forwarded to a postal address of your choosing within the EU. At your request, however, your mail can also be collected on a different schedule and forwarded to an address which is outside of the EU.

Contact us and we will find a solution which meets each of your individual needs.


Digital forwarding of documents

Scanning / Mail Service / Mail Storage

As well as forwarding mail to another postal address, we will also happily open your mail and scan it so that it can be sent to an email address. Your mail will be opened by us, scanned, and then sent to one or multiple email addresses of your choosing as a PDF. Forwarding of these attachments is password protected in order to ensure data protection. Sending these emails generally occurs 12 to 48 hours after they are received in the mail.

After sending the scanned mail by email, we will put the original letters back in your exclusively assigned company mailbox. This original mail will then be sent to a postal address of your choosing once per calendar year.

We will take over your accounting

Regular Accounting

Our corporate partner Bilanzfabrik will carry out ongoing accounting as well as ongoing payroll services if you require it and if you have employees.

Bilanzfabrik relies on a complete digital approach, so that your accounts and ongoing evaluation of your company’s facts and figures can be retrieved at any time, no matter where you are.

If you are interested in an integrated accounting solution, contact us and we will put together an indvidualised package that meets your needs.

Our premium package includes accounting services with up to 100 accountable events per month.


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Fixed Rate Services

Good planning capability of fixed costs for your head office in Germany: Our fixed rate services have a modular range of services for your individual needs.


  • Address in Germany upon registering with the commercial register and registration of your company.
  • Mailbox with name tag
  • Weekly forwarding of mail by posting to an address within the EU*








€99 per month plus 19% VAT

* see additional services and service partners for details


  • Address in Germany upon registering with the commercial register and registration of your company
  • Mailbox with name tag
  • Usage of meeting rooms and workplaces when available
  • German phone number via third party e.g. Sipgate*
  • Office services and delivery of mail by email (10 emails per month included)*
  • Storage of received mail for one year
  • Forwarding of received mail to an address within the EU*
  • Collection service for registered mail*


€199 per month plus 19% VAT

* see additional services and service partners for details


  • All services from the Silver package
  • Office services and delivery of mail by email (100 emails per month included)*










€299 per month plus 19% VAT

* see additional services and service partners for details


  • All services from the Silver and Gold packages
  • Digital accounting services for up to 100 accountable events per month*









€499 per month plus 19% VAT

* see additional services and service partners for details



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Additional Fee-Based Services


Forwarding of Mail by Post

Monthly mail forwarding by post through the German Post Office consists of postage to a postal address in the EU of your choosing. Forwarding of mail to an address outside of the EU as well as parcel services will be charged according to actual postage costs as well as a fixed service charge of €10 per delivery plus 19% VAT.

Scanning of Mail in Further Deliveries

Should the amount of incoming mail exceed the monthly allowance included, further costs of €2 per letter/package plus 19% VAT is charged.

Delivery by Post to an Address within the EU and to other Addresses using a Scanning Service

Mail which is received and stored for you will be posted to you once per year. Delivery will be to a postal address of your choosing within the EU. The cost of these services are included in the respective package prices.

In the event of a high volume of mail, we will forward this to you several times a year or in multiple deliveries. For each further delivery, we will charge you a service charge of €10 plus 19% VAT as well as actual postage costs for delivery.

Deliveries to postal addresses which are outside of the EU are available on request and are subject to separate costs after consultation.


Delivery and Collection Service for Registered Mail

Your registered mail will be received by us or the Post Office and collected for you. A service charge of €10 plus 19% VAT per piece of registered mail will be charged.

Accounting Services

Accounting services will be provided by our corporate partner Bilanzfabrik and will be charged as a part of your ongoing fixed rate. The services provided consist of full digital accounting using DATEV Unternehmen Online and includes up to 100 accountable events per month. Further accounting services can be provided by Bilanzfabrik at a cost of €17.50 plus 19% VAT per 15 minutes. We can also offer you an upgraded fixed rate for accounting services. Contact us for more details.

German Phone Number

You can get a German phone number (+49) with a Munich area code (089) via a third party (e.g. Sipgate). This service will be provided and charged exclusively by the third party.

About Us

CHP Services was formed through a partnership between the tax and legal consultancy firm Campbell Hörmann PartG, the im7 Real Estate Agency, and the hv7 Real Estate Agency and Property Management Company. Campbell Hörmann PartG has been working within national and international tax law as well as corporate law for many years. During this time, clients expressed the view again and again that they would like an attractive location for their head office in Germany. Since im7 and hv7 are specialists in the real estate sector and have completed several projects together, we decided to work with them. Considering these aspects, CHP Services was founded. CHP Services offers office and domiciliary services in the form of a virtual office in the economically attractive area of Gräfelfing near Munich.


Our Corporate Partners



hv7 Real Estate Agency and Property Management Company

The hv7 Real Estate Agency and Property Management Company has a history of over 30 years. Through the long term care of mainly residential property, we have built up a unique wealth of experience. We currently manage around 4500 residential units of between 12 and 540 flats in and around Munich. We are also a member of the VDIV Bavaria association. We see ourselves as reliable consultants and the first point of contact for all matters concerning real estate.


Campbell Hörmann PartG

Campbell Hörmann PartG is a tax consultancy and law firm with offices in Munich. We currently employ around 30 staff as tax consultants, lawyers, tax specialists, and accountants. We have many years of experience in tax and legal consulting within German and international mandates.



Stephanie Hörmann is a certified accountant and the owner of Bilanzfabrik, an accounting company in Munich, which has been in business since 2013. She is an expert in regular accounting services and in setting up payroll accounting.


im7 Real Estate Agency

The im7 Real Estate Agency was founded in 2014 by Roland C. Meusel. Since then, we have specialised in the sale and leasing of real estate in and around Gräfelfing, Munich, Augsburg and Günzburg in close partnership with hv7 Real Estate Agency and Property Management Company.

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